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Time is money and Time is _______?

Mr. Aam is an ordinary 38 year old employee. On a working day during summer, he had to leave the town alone for some work. His train is at 9:00 pm. He feels very hungry after a hectic day. He reaches the railway station at 8:00 pm, well before the scheduled time, which enables him to adjust his luggage and settle himself. It's 8:15 pm now. He gets down the train and walks into the first Tiffin centre he could find. He glimpses at the menu but could not find anything worthy. Mean while his wife calls him up to ensure his arrival at the station. He starts walking across the stores while he is on the phone and finds a decent restaurant. As he terminates the call he looks at his watch. It's 8:25 pm and realizes that he has walked quite a distance from his compartment. He orders his favorite dish as a take away. Since it is summer, the railway station is heavily crowded even on a working day, so is the restaurant. He waits near the parcel section and asks Mr. Vilan to make it fast (in a polite manner) as he needs to catch up the train. Mr. Vilan said it would take 5 mins. It's 8:35 pm now. As he waits, he starts thinking about his children. Suddenly, he glances at the watch, its 8:42 pm!! He asks Mr. Vilan to make it fast but this time Mr. Vilan tries to ignore him, and runs away into the kitchen. Mr. Aam shouts to make sure that he is heard. It's 8:43 pm and our Aam gets pissed off. He stares at his watch and moves towards the counter and demands the manager to return his money and cancel the order. Mr. Manager tries to convince him that its ready, but our Aam is least bothered. He takes back his money. It's 8:53 pm. He walks back to his compartment and boards the train, thinking how irresponsible Mr. Vilan is !! It's 8:58 pm now.

Is Mr. Vilan the real Vilan?


Is the real name of Mr. Manager is Mr. Inefficient?

May be

Is the 'summer' a real culprit?


What is the problem then? Does Mr. Aam deserve to sleep with an empty stomach?

"Everything that i write here is from my mind/heart, with my limited knowledge. So I request the readers to correct me if I'm wrong instead of suing me! After all human beings are bound to make mistakes."

 The problem and the solution to it, is within the governance, administration, courts, police. (say "Parents")

Yes. You can read the above sentence as many times as you want, til you could find the reason or just finish reading the post !

Chronology and facts

samba spy case:      January 1979 - December 2000      @  21 yrs
anti sikh riots:          November 1984 - April 2009          @ 25 yrs
bhopal disaster:       December 1984 - October 1991     @  7 yrs
bofors case:            March 1986 - April 2009                @ 23 yrs
DK basu case:        July 1986 - 1996                             @ 10 yrs
safdar hasmi:          January 1989 - November 2003       @ 14 yrs
Ruchika's case:       August 1990 - December 2009        @  19 yrs
babri masjid:          December 1992 - 2010                    @  18 yrs
blasts:                    March 1993 - 2006 / till date            @ 13+ yrs
tandoor murder:     July 1995 - November 2003             @  8 yrs
jessica lall:             April 1999 - April 2010                     @  11 yrs
madhumitha:          May 2003 - October 2007                 @  4 yrs
26/11:                   November 2008 - May 2010             @ 1.5 yrs


There might be many reasons for the delay. Many cases might enter recurring loop without termination. I suppose, we cannot blame our "Parents" for this one!! or do we have to ??
It depends on the case that we are talking about. Ya certainly argument varies from case to case, time to time!

One case might take more time because of "Father", other because of "Mother", some other because of "Grand Father". Oh yea! what mistake did "Grand Mother" do ? Every one has equal share in good and bad.

My knowledge on jurisdiction is limited now, So i do not want to comment on any case in particular. I do not know the answer for this upper case alphabet that questions the capabilities of "Parents".


 Instead of pointing fingers at the "Parents", read below.

As a discerning observer and a close friend of Mr. Aam I could think of a solution for Mr. Aam.
(Though he is happily sleeping now, as he got some eatables in the train, without realizing that he has faced a problem for which he hasn't discovered a solution yet!)

"Parents" must follow a system.

Is Mr. Reader still alive? Go have a cup of coffee n come as this needs some serious thought.

We must follow a rule. ( I do not know the exact term for this.. law/act/bill or something ..say "Rule" )

Yes. We must follow a rule.

Mr. Rule: "Before starting up any Event/Action, estimate the time it might take and declare it saying that you would finish this task by time 't0'. You may also need to extend the estimated time for some 'n' times because of some valid reasons. So fix this 't0' and 'n' before  starting up any action. So we can change the estimated time for a maximum of 'n' times. But I cannot wait if your action is entering into an infinite loop. So a maximum limit to the time must also be fixed before starting up an action. say 'tmax'. If you happen to extend the estimated time more than n times or if the estimated time exceeds tmax, you must accept failure and repay me"

Don't panic. I'm here to explain.

If Mr. Counter ensures Mr. Aam at 8:35 pm (event_start_time) that your parcel would take 5 mins (t0) with the number of possible extensions to the delivery time of the parcel as 1 (n) and the maximum amount of time he would take to give away the parcel as 15 mins (tmax).

The second time when Mr. Aam has asked Mr. Vilan about his parcel, Mr. Vilan can give him a valid reason and extend the time for a max of 10 more mins (as 5 mins has already passed by and tmax is 15).

If either Mr.Vilan is not capable of delivering the parcel in 15 mins or could not give a valid reason to extend time or tries to extend the estimated time by more than 15mins even if he has a valid reason, then the Management ("Parents" ) must accept their failure and repay (money here).

Analogous to this, I would suggest our "Parents" to follow this Mr. Rule, in dealing with criminal cases.

Here Mr. Aam will get his money back, for Time is Money ! (evn then he might not be happy)

But what about the case where a disheartened father needs to wait for 20 long years for Justice ???

For him, it doesn't matter whether "Parents" accept their failure or not !

What will the government repay him? Time is _____?

I could not find an adjective/word that would aptly carry the feelings of such father through 20 long years!

Time is ____?

Yes. Time is Priceless.

Time is Money and Time is Priceless.

I feel that if the govt can implement such rule on criminal cases. Then similar can be adopted in every aspect of bureaucracy. Means no more waiting , the concept of Action-time-money-failure might prevail. Once citizens experience this kind of system, it ushers the need for a policy change in the pvt sector also. So no more waiting for bank loans, internet connections, home deliveries and even "take aways". So Mr. Aam need not sleep with empty stomach ! As everyone will become responsible because of Time-money relationship.

PS: Time is Money and Time is Priceless.

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